Guest post from Alex

Hello Daddy! I’ve asked Mummy to do this for me as I think she might be quicker than me.  (She also said that although the fact that I can now smack the keyboard really hard with both hands is really good – a ‘developmental milestone’ she said – you might not actually be able to read what I’ve written otherwise, which would be a shame as I have had some Good Thoughts …)

You are the bestest Dad ever.

You are.

I know that when I catch your eye and give you my best Alex smile, and you smile back… you love me unconditionally.

I love the rough and tumble play fights we have.  I love that you don’t think I will break, even when Mummy says ‘Careful…!’  I know I’m safe with you.  I know I won’t get hurt.

I love that you don’t mind that I cover your shoulder in not-quite-finished toast after breakfast – you just want a cuddle.

I love that you take me out of the pram when we are out, even though I am heavy and even though sometimes it’s hard to predict which way I may want to bend my body to look at something.  You help me engage.  You put me on swings, hold me in the sandpit, swing me over your head.  Last week as Emma tried tree climbing, you balanced me on a branch too.  I wobbled, but I giggled.

Thank you for still physically pushing me and my fantabulous buggy round places that Mummy has started finding hard.  You push me up and down hills so I am included.  We saw the sea together Daddy because you were determined to push me back up that steep and windy path. That steep and winding path the lovely lady on the gate had advised against. Although I think she knew you’d try! I love being out with everyone and you make that happen.

You are funny.  You make me laugh such a lot.  Sometimes you’re so funny that I laugh so hard I forget myself and fall over backwards.  Then everyone else laughs too :-) I like it when we all join in.

You push me to try.  The reason I held my bottle – hold my cup?  You.  Night after night after never-ending night you patiently encouraged me to hold it before bedtime.  And one night – ta-daah! – I did.   You never gave up on me.  I love the freedom to choose now, when to pick it up, that I can indicate I am thirsty and actually do something about it.  That’s you Dad.  And my stepping?  That’s you too.  You were determined that I could do it, even when Mummy was a little unsure.

There is something in you that needs to push me on, try new things, won’t let me just sit there.  Wants to help me get out there and experience all that you do.  I know that Mummy sees it too, and it makes her cry a bit, but she says it’s in a good way.  And that is why you’re the best Dad ever (Emma says so too, and we both of us can’t be wrong!)

I love you Daddy.

Happy Father’s Day.

image (2)

image (3)

PS Daddy, Mummy wanted me to mention how great you are at putting the bins out too, so I’m adding it here *just to keep her happy*. Women, eh?

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