Boy about the house

My little boy is moving.
Properly moving.
I have to just check you heard me: He is Moving.

Things I never expected Alex to do #543: Crawl.

Maybe I just set my bar low for him.
Maybe I just didn’t want to be disappointed. Again.
Maybe… I was ok with where he’d got to.

Every new thing that Alex works out how to do is nothing short of a miracle.
I don’t use that word lightly, but…
I always think how much harder he has had to work to get to the point where we all say… ‘Wait… look… is he…?’

I remember where he started from. A little boy who could barely hold his head up starting nursery… unable to sit… hold a spoon… grab a cup… use his hands in any meaningful way.

How we cried that day I held him at, what? less than a year… and he stretched a hand over and slowly, slowly, flipped closed an egg box carton that we had in front of him.
How we made him do it again to be sure.

I sometimes don’t understand how he’s been able to get this far. How he’s blossomed into this inquisitive, happy, determined little boy.

How – by mastering crawling* – we are suddenly able to understand what he wants to do.

He demonstrates quite visibly where he wants to go in the house. His favourite parts of our kitchen are, well, all the sensory ones:
– the vegetable rack (all those rustling onion peels)
– the stereo shelf (all those wires)
– under the table (I think he likes the safe space-ness of it. And the look of the bricks on the pillar. I have to assume it’s the symmetrical lines…)
– the baking tray shelf (Noooooo, don’t pull them onto the floor…. *crash*)

If I stand away from him, show him his drink, he moves to get it from me.
If I sit facing him and open my arms to him. He comes to me.
When his father arrives home, Alex hears the door opening, recognises his voice and turns and crawls to him.

He knows what he wants to do. Can now do it. How amazing must that be?

I am suddenly toddler-proofing my house. Something I never expected to do. And I love it.

What a perverse thing to say.

Don’t get me wrong… I tiny-bit miss him staying in one place – I knew where he was, and he didn’t move the moment I put him down… and don’t think we didn’t totally panic as my overgrown toddler got on the move. We were so worried he’d be destructive but he’s not… he’s just… interested… wants a closer look and so, you know, how nice to have some normal going on.

We are shifting vases a little higher up… mitigating all the potentially-sharp things… contemplating locks on the cupboards. And whilst it may be 4+ years later than you’d usually expect it to happen (Alex will be 6 in July)… I’ve long ago stopped looking at his expected milestone dates and just focused on watching his very personal development chug forward.

Never stall.

So far so good.

Alex - veg rack
Mummy… I think these onions are out of date…!

*(I should qualify this by saying his legs don’t move yet – he drags them – so that anything and everything in his path is snow-ploughed along with him. He’s a very effective duster :-)).

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