Guest Post by Alex – on why Christmas is a bit fab

Here’s what I’ve learned about Christmas…

It’s the most fun. I really don’t want it to end.

There’s lights – so many lights! – on the houses, in Christmas trees, people’s gardens… and an awful lot in my room.
Makes note to self – stop Mummy telling people I like lights, I do but… I’ve now got a double planetarium in my bedroom…

People seem to do a lot of lovely singing. I’ve heard loads of pretty carols and Emma had the Christmas playlist on what Mummy called ‘heavy repeat’ all the way up to Christmas Day. Singing always makes me smile. Even Daddy’s.

It seems to rain a lot. Is that right?? All the cards I’ve seen have snow in them…

I get loads of very yummy food. I think Mummy and Daddy were a bit tired at the end of Christmas (they kept saying ‘never again’ anyway…) but the food just kept coming! Why don’t we have this all year round? Christmas pudding is amazing, chocolates are everyone’s favourite food and why is caramelised onion cheddar for December only??

I don’t think I’ve seen a green vegetable for days… I’m hoping that if Emma and I keep really quiet we never have to eat broccoli again.

People gave me such lovely presents. I have the coolest Wookie hat…

2015-12-28 13.56.24

… lots of books which have buttons to press (my favourite – by far – is the one where all the animals have different sounding farts!)… toys that light up, instruments to rattle and some new trucks that make extra specially loud noises (which I know we all enjoy :-)) They were all really thoughtful, thank you so much. Though, although I know Mummy will disagree, I really do have enough pyjamas now…

I have slept really well. Maybe it’s the new pyjamas?

Most importantly though everyone has slowed down. Everyone has time to play with me. Christmas is this yummy time when there is very little else to do apart from hang out with the people you find yourself with.

I have loved every minute of that.

We have played peek-a-boo with all my new bits of floaty material… my Aunt insisted on putting toy after toy down my top a lot (I wasn’t entirely sure about that game, but I humoured her as she seemed to be having fun…) and everyone has helped me interact with my toys. And with them.

I have laughed and giggled with everyone.

I love people.

They make me feel… connected… part of the world.

I am joining in.

I often see my Mummy with a bit of a happy tear in her eye when that happens. She says it makes her happy to see me play with other people.

That they want to play with me too.

2015-12-24 14.14.18

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas too and wishing you a very happy, and peaceful, New Year…


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4 Responses to Guest Post by Alex – on why Christmas is a bit fab

  1. Oh my goodness Alex…never eat broccoli again? Wishing you all a very happy, healthy 2016 from us lot at Broccoli HQ xx

  2. Lovely,lovely.My favourite part has been watching (and hearing) Pearl play with her sibs and cousins.Alex you are right(Maybe not about the vegetables)we need to slow down and play a bit more all year round.Happy New Year to you and yours.

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