Taking that next step

I meant to write this post some time ago.

In the planned ‘discounting emotion and general curveballs thrown at me by life’ world I’d hoped I’d write this in between the two life events of Finishing Nursery and Starting School.
But I didn’t.

Alex starting school, it turned out, was going to take me some time to process. In the mix were leaving somewhere safe and secure, starting somewhere new, different hours to contend with, an altered school run, less time with Emma (those afternoons after school before nursery ended – gone), and how on earth would I juggle working with school hours and (whisper it, deny them) school holidays. This was huge and I hadn’t clocked that at all.


What this was supposed to be was a thankyou letter for nursery.


For taking Alex in, unblinking, and working the challenge that he is and not seeing the problem that he could have been.

For including him: for wheeling him across the fields to visit the horses, pick the blackberries, join in with sports day (not at the same time, obviously).
For helping him join in.

To his friends for making him feel part of the club and accepting him for who he is.

For helping him develop – he joined nursery this timid little one year old, highly tactile defensive, super-sensitive to noise. He leaves a boisterous, inquisitive, confident little boy. I’m so proud of him and so grateful to you all for this.
And to all the amazing staff. How much you all supported him.

But especially, his key worker.

We couldn’t have wished for better. She loved – loves – him. You can tell. And so proud of his achievements. But takes no nonsense. And has stood with him every step of the way – getting him equipment, asking questions, pushed him on.
Been there for me.
Let me cry in the staff room when it all got too much. Helped me find solutions when I couldn’t see any myself. Made me realise I didn’t have to do this on my own. We – I – couldn’t have asked for more and we so hope to keep her in our life.

Thank you all. For loving him and preparing him for this next step. Because even if I wasn’t ready, Alex was.


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