A different viewpoint

Watch that family on the beach. The father and daughter are out swimming, the mother and their younger son are sat at the water’s edge. Their son is splashing with his legs and flapping his arms and sometimes, if his mother isn’t fast enough, eating the sand. Odd for a 4 year old, but he is happy… Everyone is happy.

Regard that family in the park. The mother and daughter have marched on ahead, exploring the undergrowth, discussing the sculptures that have been placed there. This is the first time her mother has managed to engage her in art in this way and she is delighted. Further back the father pushes their younger son in his buggy, together they are enjoying the effect of the light coming through the trees. Strange that the boy isn’t up and exploring too but he is happy… they are all happy.

See now as they all go off into the forest, the daughter darting off to discover new twigs and stones that she proudly brings back to display to the rest of her family. Surprising that their son doesn’t get out and run with her. But he is happy… they are all happy.

Laugh as, when faced with a hill, they all three pull the son in his buggy up the hill – the strength of them all needed – they sing as they pull and the boy laughs that infectious laugh and they recognise the ridiculousness of their situation and all the time the adults fight the thought at the back of their minds – will we still be able to do this next year? Will he be too big, will this be impossible?

But right now? They are each and every one of them happy. Happy in the moment of being together, of enjoying the new… Celebrating that they have once again achieved that simple yet important pleasure: a holiday.

Mummy, no need for lunch, this sand is yummy.

2 thoughts on “A different viewpoint

  1. so glad you had a happy holiday. Our holidays usually end up being a bit different because we never know quite how J will react to new places and a change of routine. thankfully they usually end up mostly happy. enjoy the rest of the summer xxx

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