Glacial steps

With Alex, unlike with Emma, his developmental curve is… unique.

With Emma we were always looking to the book to see the next milestone – crawling, walking, talking, using a spoon… you all know the ones, and we looked forward to each in turn.

Alex however plots his own path.  For a long time there, we weren’t sure anything would come.  He would lie in his own world staring at light and dark and not being amused by much else.  But slowly, glacially, our little boy has blossomed.  From enjoying the sound and feel of space blankets, to finding flashing toys funny to… oh… he’s reached out with one hand, with two, look, look he’s passing between his hands…!  We have cried with relief and delight as he moves his way forwards and finds he wants to achieve more.

The New Year always makes you take stock I think.  As I look at him and see where he is now – solidly sitting up, playing with his toys, making little sounds (a-da, a-da being a particular favourite) and now – as his core strength improves – propping and reaching across the midline which, in turn is allowing him to swivel round on his bottom… he is farther along then we ever thought he would be.  I have long stopped comparing him to other 3 year olds I see.  Alex is… who Alex is.

This is not to say we don’t worry for the future.  We do.  And these thoughts can frighten me.  But we have been helped by so many people to adapt to Alex and what his life throws at us thus far, and I have to assume and hope this will continue.   So in the day to day, the here and now, we push him as far as he will let us so he can access the world, and all it offers, as much as he is able to.

2014-01-01 16.47.55

I may be achieving lots Mummy but it still got a bit much for me over Christmas…


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