We went to Brainwave this week

Alex and I went to Brainwave in Bridgwater this week for his re-assessment.  We went, for the first time, in June and now, 6 months on, we were back to see how he had progressed.  They do offer you a ‘baseline’ where they ask you questions about what your child can and cannot do and, essentially, score your child to see where they sit on the developmental curve.  I think Gary and I both feel that Alex is creating his very own curve and it can be disheartening to hear where he ‘fits’ so we never ask for these results.

As our physio was asking me questions Alex was doing his usual: sit up… lie down… sit up…. lie down and after about the fourth time, Mervin (our physio) pointed and said ‘Ooh, that’s new…!’ so our clever little boy was presented with this:


Sitting up independently is a huge milestone as it can potentially lead to standing and walking.  They’ve sent us home with a lot of exercises and equipment to improve his upper body strength to help him pull himself up and keep working on his weight bearing and stepping.  Our bedroom now looks like a baby gym…

brainwave kit

So now we have 6 more months to work on these exercises to hopefully bring home a new certificate in June.  We’ll keep updating you…

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