Starting at the start

Starting a post is always the hardest.  Where exactly is the beginning for Alex?

A potted history maybe?  But, in all honesty, this seems so long ago and Gary and I, and Emma and Alex, feel like different people to how we were then.

This is how we are now.  We have been a year now in our new house which has made the world of difference to our lives.  It’s like we breathed out, just being, and living, in a space that we owned.  The extension is – honest! – nearly finished.  Gary says January, I’d say a more conservative February, but then we are so looking forward to having people come and stay.  Having Alex has without doubt highlighted the need for a comfortable, accessible-for-all, home space.  If he’s happy, we’re happy.  And that’s important for all of our well-being.

Alex himself is a wonderful, cheeky little boy.  His latest trick is pulling himself up from lying to sitting.  He loves demonstrating this to us again and again.  He’ll put one hand down on the ground and the other will grab his trouser leg to lever himself up.  We are so proud of him.

We are fundraising for Alex because, as he gets older, specialised equipment to make his life more fun, the world more accessible and also safer… costs money.  It’s a dirty word I know, but I’ve got more used to talking about it as, in the world of disability, provision and budgets come up a lot.  The NHS have been amazing, but their resources are stretched, sometimes not there at all, and we would like, where we can, to push Alex to achieve all that he has the potential to be.

We’d like to buy him a trike so he can go out with Emma, not be stuck in his pram, because the freedom of movement it will give him – not to mention the feel of the wind in his hair – will delight him.  We want to be able to continue to visit Brainwave, a centre in Somerset, where they spend a whole day working with you and your child in order to see how you can help them reach their next developmental stage.  And, as he gets older, Alex will need a bigger, more secure bed so that he is safe to explore it with the movement he has, and we are safe in the knowledge that no harm will come to him, and we’ll be able to sleep.

We’d like to say we can afford all these things ourselves but, in truth, we can’t.  Disabilities, additional needs, call them what you will, are not unlike the word ‘wedding’ in the increased cost they add to every day items.  Alex needs these items now and so we are raising money for Alex through Tree of Hope, his Justgiving page is here:

People have asked us how they can help with Alex, because people are lovely.  Donating to this pot is one way you can do this.  But please don’t feel at all obliged, financial times are tough we all know.  We’re just happy to have you with us for the journey.


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